Retail Retreat offers the finest selection of upscale pet boutique items, gifts and accessories sourced worldwide that seamlessly blend into your home décor.

We are proud to offer brands exclusive to Retail Retreat in the Southeast respectively the State of Georgia including Cloud7, Mutts & Hounds, Reiko Kaneko, penn + pooch, RuggedWrist and See Scout Sleep. In addition, you will find high quality brands like Found My Animal, Mimi Green, Harry Barker, George SF, Jax and Bones, Tuffy’s, Waggo and many more.

We always strive to offer stylish yet functional products and are constantly on the lookout for novel items to have your pup look and feel its best.

In addition, you will find super premium pet foods and chews you can trust in. As pet owners we are all concerned about the well being and vitality of our four legged family members. Naturally, a balanced and complete diet will pay off in huge dividends for good health and prevention of chronic disease conditions. We  are more than happy to help you transition to a high quality pet food that will make you and your furry friend(s) happy.

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