About Us

Barbara & Juni of Savannah's Retail Retreat

Hi, we are Barbara and Juni (pronounced Yu-nee, German for June).
Juni is my first dog, and needless to say, she has changed my life completely. With Retail Retreat I want to change yours. Being from Europe, I had a strong desire for a chic environment when shopping for your best friend with stylish yet functional pet boutique items, gifts and accessories. And as an Austrian Native it is in my blood to bake cakes and pastries, which are a well-known feature of its cuisine. Think “Sacher-Torte”, “Apfelstrudel” and “Guglhupf”, just to name a few. Why not use my roots and offer to bake treats for our four legged companions in an ambiance unique to Retail Retreat.

What does Retail Retreat stand for?
Retail Retreat stands for a retail experience that acts as a retreat to you and your best friend and loyal companion. It also is a play on the words: tail and treat. Retail Retreat is all about driving Fido barking mad with excitement.  Tails will be waggin’ and jaws will be smackin’ when your pet is treated to one of our healthy, mouth-watering treats.  Everything at Retail Retreat from the healthy chews, durable toys, individually designed food bowls or stylish, comfortable beds is true to our motto. . . i’m waggin’ it.

Retail Retreat specializes in scrumptious, made-from scratch, all natural treats made from human-grade ingredients like bananas, pineapple, carrots, unsweetened applesauce, chia seeds, natural peanut butter and buckwheat honey. In addition, we offer the finest selection of upscale pet boutique items, gifts and accessories sourced from all around the world that seamlessly blend into your home décor. With an emphasis on handmade, natural, recycled and organic products and catering to all dog frames, taste preferences and budgets it is our goal to have you reap envious comments such as  “Where did you get this artisan collar and leash from?” on your walks.

Retail Retreat’s mission:

  • To celebrate the incredible bond that exists between animals and people.
  • To provide dog owners with all natural, organic, and holistic pet foods and freshly baked treats without any artificial flavors, preservatives or artificial colors. Treats are to be packed full of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other nutrients beneficial to the health of your pet, even those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies.
  • To provide a local alternative to big-box pet stores with handpicked items. Every dog and cat owner, enthusiast, loving friend, pet sitter or dog walker will make a find at Retail Retreat, respectively can be shopped for with confidence.
  • To scour the world for high quality, stylish, and unique pet products.
  • To assist the new and seasoned pet owner.
  • To create a fun and inviting shopping environment that caters to humans and hounds alike. Leashed dogs are always welcome and will receive a free treat.
  • To be an active and vocal member in the community.

Sniff us out” soon. We’d love to get to know you and your furry family member.

Woofs & Wags,

Barbara & Juni                                                                                          :: Locally owned & operated ::